Hello , i am in need of a tutor for Statistics and SPSS . I am willing to pay 20 euros for 2 lessons per week for half and hour for the next 3 weeks.

Hello everyone , hope everyone is staying safe during this pandemic.

I am not sure if this is the right community to post this but as mentioned in the title I am in need of a tutor/someone who is knows Statistics and is well known with using SPSS. I am second year university student studying marketing management in The Netherlands. I have an exam in SPSS in 10 days ( exactly ) and I have an exam in Statistics in 3 weeks (6th of November) . I am not good with either statistics or SPSS so I need someone to explain to me and tell me if I am in the right track .

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I would love to have at least 2 lessons per week for at least an hour and half until the time for the exams and yes you would be compensated for your work ( 20 euros minimum ) . For SPSS we are using this book :Introduction to Statistics with SPSS by Ben Baarda ,Cor Van Dijkum, and Martin de Goede . Its the second version in English . As with statistics we use a website called grasple ([https://www.grasple.com/](https://www.grasple.com/) ) where we go over weekly exercises.

When it comes to communication I have Skype and then there is Zoom. So which ever method of communication do you prefer is fine with me.

As I said in the introduction , I am not sure if this is the right sub to post this if it is but you cant help me but you know someone who can , can you please direct me to the right person . If this is not the right sub to post this then please do help me find the person who can help me with my exams .

Kind regards,

Student with Statistic nightmares hoping someone can help me resolve them.

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