Growing A Blog Network To >$25,000 A Month! – July 2020 – $5599/$25,000.

*I know its the backend of August but I am really busy with off-line stuff this month so haven’t had the time to get the report online for July until now.*

I am switching up the format for these posts slightly and only focusing on what I have actually done to grow the network each month rather than go over the older sites in the network that haven’t been touched for the reporting month. This is the third update in this series of tracking my progress to growing a blog network to over $25,000 a month and you can find the earlier entries below:-

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* [One – May 2020.](
* [Two – June 2020.](

The income breakdown for the full blog network (7 domains, 3 over a year old, 2 making most of the income) is around $5599 for the month of July with the dashboard screenshots for the various affiliate and ad networks below.

* [Amazon One Link – $5471.73](
* [Adsense – $62.65](
* [Amazon Australia – AUD 74.40 Around $50](
* [eBay – $26](

Again, the vast majority of my income for July comes from the Amazon affiliate program leaving me overexposed to further commission cuts from them similar to their cuts in April 2020 and 2017. This is by design though as most of my blogs are based around the Amazon Affiliate program with very few pages having Adsense or eBay on them right now.

Most of my work for the month of July was based around getting tests online to try see how they react after the May 2020 update to Googles core algorithm but my main goal moving forward is to diversify income sources as much as possible. I plan to do this in a number of ways by adding additional affiliate and referal networks as well as a premium display ad network if possible.

I churned a bunch of articles out myself for the blog I made in July but also had a few freelance writers help me and it currently has 217,093 words of content on it spread over 90 articles broken into batches of 30 for different tests. My highest income domain dropped about 20% of its traffic in the May 2020 Google core algorithm update so this domains main job is primarily testing to move forward and avoid that happening again.

# Zero Search Volume Keywords

The first test is to try out more zero search volume keywords as I have been playing with them on different domains since 2018 in small numbers and they are pulling around 50 hits per month on average. Although 50 hits per month doesn’t sound like much, my buyer intent keywords run at >$80-$100 per 1000 hits depending on the niche of the domain so 20 of these articles ranking brining 50 hits per month can potentially make me >$80-$100 per month once ranked and getting traffic.

Although I already have a bunch of these keywords online for older domains, this batch of 30 test articles that I published in July are based around testing how deep in Google auto-suggest you can go and still get traffic to the page. Although traffic can come from long tail and secondary keywords, I wanted to test it for future blogs. [This thread]( on Reddit from a few weeks ago has a bunch of opinions from other bloggers using this method to make money for their blogs too and is worth checking out if you are thinking of trying it.

# Beating The High Domain Strength Entries

The May 2020 update from Google seems to have given Amazon, Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest a boost in the search engine results page while also injecting the YouTube carousel widget into the first page of Google for tons of buyer intent keywords. Although some of the pages on my highest income blog have recovered since the update, many of them that used to be position 1 are now lower in the SERP. Although the domain lost 20% of its traffic domain wide, the specific pages that were actually hit by the update have dropped almost 50% of their traffic so I want to try work out how to get it back.

I could drop cash on some backlinks but I have seen a few blogs with very low domain strength that are still ranking in first beating the YouTube carousel and it looks like its something to do with topical relevancy. The annoying thing is that in my niche that was hit, the YouTube videos showing in some of the YouTube carousel widgets are only niche relevant and not keyword-relevant so don’t actually help the person making the search query.

This test batch has some articles emphasizing topical relevancy for the target keyword when the target keyword has the YouTube carousel widget in first place to see if I can beat it. The rest of this test batch is based around keywords that don’t currently have the YouTube carousel widget high on the first page of Google but do have other page types boosted by the May 2020 update such as Amazon reviews, Quora, and Reddit high on page one for the keyword to try work out ways to beat them moving forward.

# Backlinks And Internal Linking

This next test batch has all of its articles published but the backlinking side of it is on hold for now as I am not planning to backlink my next domain for the foreseeable future and I needed the cash that was for the backlinks for content for my new domain. This test batch was planned to try minimize the costs for backlink spend to rank pages in Google that are medium to high competition in the future As I want to try stick to content scaling for low competition keywords until 2021 I probably won’t order the backlinks for this test batch until next year or I may just scrap it depending on how this new domain goes.

# Banking Content

The last week of July was spend typing up about 35,000 words of content to bank it for the new domain that I started on the 1st August. Although this domains job was initially just to keep me busy until December-March when the content for the test domain I build in July should age in, I am considering scaling it to be as large as possible. This is mainly due to the case study in [this Reddit thread]( from a few days back where the blog is making around $1000 per day. If I put a few years into scaling this new website from August and then sell it I could potentially do the whole financial independence retired early thing.

With this domain, I will be looking to diversify traffic by integrating Pinterest while also diversifying income with other affiliate programs, a premium ad network, and referral programs. This should be able to help increase the monthly income multiple valuation for the site in the future if I do choose to sell it.

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