Generate Passive Income with Presearch

Presearch is a search engine which rewards user if they are simply using it.

A user receives the cryptocurrency PRE as a reward.[1] This is a passive income

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because most users are using always a search engine.


Besides, a user can also commit “keyword staking”.

Keyword staking is a process where a user locks away his PREs

against specific words and multi-word terms. For example, if a user

chooses the word “Bitcoin” and connects this word with an affiliate link

this link will be presented if another user captures the word “Bitcoin”

in Presearch’s search mask. If you are interested to use Presearch as your search engine just press the following link:




In the case, you would like to receive more hints for generating passive income just subscribe to my channel. I wish you all high passive income flows.




[1] [](

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