Gen Z $150k Diversified Portfolio To Passive Income

Situation: Turn 25 in September. Little to no active incoming revenue, currently interviewing for marketing roles in Blockchain but it’s hard passing the last recruitment stages. $150k net worth @ 2% APY (like 0% risk, never lost any sleep in almost 10 years) –> Passive $250/m.

Goal: 5-15% APY –> Passive $500-$1500/m.

Notes: Consider high TVL/Volume, Sustainability, Use Cases, Growth Potential, Security. I do not intend on reading much about anything greater than 20% apy.

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* How would you distribute $150k? Like say 20% etf, 20% stocks, 20% crypto, 20% defi, 10% others (business/Reits/…) 10% emergency.
* And in what specific ones?

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