FXRobotON who is it?

We are glad to present you an **overview of the investment fund**, which has recently been placed in the **Exclusive Listing** section of our HYIP monitoring.

So, the FXRobotON project is a legally operating company registered in the UK that invests and develops trading robots with artificial intelligence elements. Actually, these very robots generate the required amount of profit, which covers the needs of both the fund and its investors.

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**The project site** is made in a thematic style and has quite good functionality. Additionally, we note that the FXRobotON Internet portal has an author’s design, runs on a unique script and is equipped with an extended SSL certificate for data encryption from the Geo Trust company, as evidenced by the green green bar in the address bar.

**Let’s move on to marketing.**

It should be noted right away that a new tariff line was recently added and, although the original tariffs were preserved, in our opinion, they have lost their relevance. ***If earlier it was possible to receive from 1.5% to 3.5% profit per day in the period from 30 to 55 working days, now the size of the daily profit is from 3% to 9%***. With all this, your deposit works on an unlimited basis.


**Full review is here:** [**https://fairmonitor.com/news/id/2859/**](https://fairmonitor.com/news/id/2859/)



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