Full-time software engineer wanting more, feeling demotivated and desperately wanting a passive income

I’m a full-time software engineer and have been for a number of years now but it’s got the point where I feel I just need/want more. I’m still in my 20’s and while my current job pays me well, I feel I could be working much much harder. Working a 9/5 is convenient and comfortable but being comfortable for the past few years has made me now feel uncomfortable. My issue is also that I just don’t know what to do and whenever something even remotely feasible pops into my head I just seem to doubt if it could ever work.

I’ve seen a number of software developers on here and there’s been some fantastic reads and suggestions. I was wondering if anyone on here has found themselves hitting this point; Where full-time work (albeit a “good” job for the use of a better term) just isn’t enough and the need for something on the side is almost a necessity to keep you ticking over? Is there any podcasts/books/YouTubers that touch or discuss ‘outgrowing’ your 9/5 so to speak? Thanks in advance for any help!

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