Free Ways to Make Money Online

The internet is full of opportunities. Get in touch with friends, learn new things and even make money. All you need is a laptop or phone, an internet connection, and the expertise to make money.

There are two different ways to make money online. One is in an active business where you get paid to do or sell things, the other is passive where you build a one-time service that generates income without you having to do more.

Passive companies are all the rage right now, but both approaches have different advantages and disadvantages.

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A mix of both types is best.

First of all, you have to get an audience. People need to see you are selling something before they can buy it from you.

The easiest way to reach an audience is to go to where they already are. The fastest way to make money online is by selling a service.

With UpWork and Fiverr, you can sell services like creating a logo and already have an audience for you.

Best to start with Fiverr. But you need to get your audience’s attention in a crowded marketplace.

Set up your profile with a professional-looking, friendly picture. People buy more when they can see a face attached to a profile.

In your description, focus on what you can do for people and why they should trust you to do it. Add in any previous work that you did as part of your portfolio.

Add a video to get even more exposure.

Setting up can be a long process, but it’s worth it in the end. It’s about making a good first impression.

You can do pretty much anything on Fiverr, whether you are writing articles, generating backlinks, creating logos, or even doing voice-over work. Once you are familiar with Fiverr and have small contracts signed, you can get bigger contracts with UpWork.

A passive stream of income can be established using social media marketing.

A lot of hard work is required in the beginning, but it will be worth it.

Pick a topic that’s covered on your social media account, use Canva to create beautiful images and content for it, make sure you use the correct hashtags with Hastagify, post two to three times a day and interact You with your audience.

Once you have an audience, use affiliate links to promote products and earn commissions.

Another way to make money is through video marketing. Using your phone or laptop camera, you can create content on a specific topic, just like social media marketing. Upload videos to YouTube regularly, around 2 or 3 a week, and keep doing it. Your audience will grow and you can use affiliate links to make money.

I didn’t include blogging here as it’s not free. But you need a blog as somewhere to keep all of your content. Free accounts can be closed and all of your hard work will be gone.

You can start making money on the internet right away using these strategies.

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