FREE version of my bot beta

I’m looking for a few people who want to beta test my [ bot](

If you haven’t heard of it’s similar to YouTube but you get paid in points to watch videos (you can exchange the points into PayPal or gift cards) the problem is you literally have to watch videos 24/7 to make anything.

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This is why I developed this software it takes all the work out of it, simply click run and walk away the software will constantly watch videos with an actual google chrome browser, it also will give a 1 in 5 chance to “like” a video. It also randomly selects a different channel to watch every 5-30 mins looking completely human like.

You’re income per month greatly depends on your location if you’re in the USA except $10-$50 a month while if you live in India it’s going to be much less.

If you’re interested in getting this software for free in exchange for some feedback let me know.

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