formtitan online form builder and landing page creator – how to

FORMTITAN is a free platform for creating online forms and landing pages.
You don’t have to be a programmer to work on it because, not only it is an effective platform but also such a user friendly that anyone can use it with ease.
Are you looking to build an amazing landing page ? Or an online form? Or a contact form? Or may be a survey?
formtitan is the right tool for you, its easy, its simple and its free,

With formtitan you can :
• create custom layouts
• conditional logic
• field logics
• form logics
• respond email
• integrate with more than 700 online applications
• sentiment analysis
and much more..

Unlike the other platforms, the Formtitan gives you real tools to make your forms and pages to be high converting. It will analyze your form and automatically suggest the optimization tips that will hike your conversion
rates. More leads!, more sales!

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