[FOR HIRE] Writing, Editing, Converting Poor Content into Quality

I am looking for side work writing or cleaning up written content. I accept many forms of payment, including cryptocurrency.


**What I am great at**:

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* Taking a piece of content that is written poorly (bad flow, grammar issues, etc.) and turning it into excellent writing
* (This is a great option if English is not your primary language)


* Writing content based on a *thorough* outline


**”Why should I trust you / try out your service?”**

Simple – no trust is required. I will do the first task up front, at my own risk. If you aren’t satisfied, don’t pay me for it. I’m confident in my work.

The fine print: We will need to discuss this first, and agree on payment terms for if you are satisfied with the work. I will need to establish who you are, and get a sense that you potentially have additional work to hire me for. I’m not looking to just get pimped out for 1 free job over and over and over again, if you catch my drift.


**What I DO NOT do**:

* “Come up with X pieces of content and show them to me and I’ll pay you for them”


* “Take this vague idea and produce a lengthy article on the subject”


* “Write an article on this concept you know nothing about, so you have to research the heck out of it and include many citations”


* “Write X content and get it published on Y platform”


**Why not?**

Generally speaking, it’s a huge waste of time for me to try to come up with ideas for you.

I’m looking to write and edit, *not brainstorm and research*. It is also difficult to guess at what topics will be of interest to you.

Regarding publishing, I can certainly publish on YOUR own platform if you want to set up an account for me to do so. However, I am not in the business of persuading another party to accept your content onto their platform.


If you are interested, send me a private message. Thanks for reading!

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