Fiverr Affiliate Program Review 2022

You’ve probably heard the Fiverr marketplace is one of the world’s largest freelancer communities.

Maybe you’ve even considered signing up for it as a seller offering digital marketing services.

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But selling freelance services is a lot of work (trust me, I’ve done it myself). Wouldn’t you rather earn passive income by promoting Fiverr services?

If your answer is “yes”, then our Fiverr affiliate program review is definitely for you.

Fact is, this is a great time to become a Fiverr affiliate. The number of professional freelancers in the US has surged from 57.3 million in 2017 to more than 70 million in 2022, and is expected to exceed 90 million by 2028.

Number Of Freelancers

And with the freelance economy valued at an astonishing $1.2 trillion

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