[FEEDBACK REQUIRED] Can I run this idea by you?

Hey Startup Founders new member here but enjoying what I’ve read and the discussions I’ve taken part in so far – thanks for creating a great group.

Because you all seem so helpful and smart then I’d love to get your insights into something.

**Could I receive some feedback on this idea I’m working on from you?**

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So here’s my thoughts…

**I know there are a lot of people out there, due to the current situation, looking to start their first business.**

**But the recurring theme I see is that many don’t have any clear ideas about what that business would be or what’s even possible.**

Plus it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different options, overload by information, or just caught up in get rich quick schemes or worse scams. Whereas…

I have quite a few years experience with online business so I know most of the different legit online businesses models, the pro’s and con’s, start up costs, time involved and skill required etc which gives me an advantage many who are just exploring the idea for the first time don’t have.

So here’s my potential plan…

**I’m thinking to launch a free, weekly, newsletter where in each edition I feature an example of an existing successful online business and break it down to show what the model is, how it makes money, the different moving parts, skill level, cost etc.**

Each week the business featured would be in a different industry and / or focused on a different business model so that readers could see all the different options available and discover one which suits them.

**It would be a free to subscribe newsletter and to begin with wouldn’t likely be monetized but I’d aim to bring on sponsors or advertisers once it’s grown to reasonable subscriber base, and that would allow it to remain free to subscribers.**

In the future it may become “freemium” where free subscribers continue to receive the weekly newsletter but you could also upgrade to get more in-depth analysis and insights and / or past editions or become a membership site.

I think there will always be a free version of the weekly newsletter though.

So that’s what I’d like to know from you…

**If you’re new to the idea of starting an online business would this idea be useful to you and if so why? Likewise, if it doesn’t seem useful then why not?**

**If you’re not new to online business and already have experience then does this interest you at all on any level? If not can you still see it being useful to those who are new and looking for their first idea?**

Would love to hear your honest feedback and thoughts, good or bad below please…



Hey guys, due to all the positive feedback on this across the web I’ve decided to test this idea out so I’ve set up a basic optin page where anyone interested can subscribe (for free) and be notified when it’s ready to launch…

> [https://businessideas.substack.com/](https://businessideas.substack.com/)

Subscribers can also offer feedback on what they’d like to see featured in the newsletter if they wish.


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