Every time I remove free delivery to products my sales plummet. This is even if the overall price is the same. Here’s my results:

I run ebook and online course sales for 11 youtubers and bloggers. And given their niches we’ve found ways to sell other stuff.

For example, one of the businesses is the strength training for over men over 50. Which means it’s easy to sell exercise equipment too.

So I found a manufacturer in China that makes trx style ropes, branded with his logo, on the cheap – and been playing with price points to see which gives us the most profit.

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Results have been fascinating. Of which the most interesting has been free vs paid delivery.

I’ve played with over 20 price variations. Yet every time I added even $2 for shipping/postage sales plummeted.

Here’s a test I ran:

1. $19.95 + free delivery
2. $17.95 + $2 delivery

It’s essentially the same cost. But in one week test A made 26 sales, where test B made 11.

(This is to a 50/50 split to the same audience, over the same week).

I’ve since ran another test:

1. $29.95 + free delivery
2. $19.95 + $2 delivery

Test A made 15 sales, test B made 9 sales.

Read that again. More people bought the same item at a higher price because they hate the idea of paying for shipping!

It’s crazy, man. But it makes sense on instinct.

You can talk your product’s good points and raise it’s value. But that ain’t gonna happen with shipping and postage. And it seems it’s so offputting that it sours the thought of buying!

Now my experience is with one business. And it may not hold in all situations. But by all means give it a go, and if you sell ebooks and online courses be sure to check out [r/internetmarketing](https://www.reddit.com/r/internetmarketing/) where there’s tips and advice like this every day.

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