Ethereum Gas Fees: Is Ethereum in Trouble? 😱

Is Ethereum in trouble? With several new, cheap, fast, layer 1 protocols on the market like Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, can ETH hold out until the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade?

After the recent core developer meet-up, it looks like the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade has been delayed to the middle of next year which now creates a potential problem. Will Ethereum be able to hold on until Ethereum 2.0 can launch or will it be crushed by the competition? That is the topic of this video!

In this video we will be looking at:
0:00 – Intro
1:44 – The Gas Fee Issue
4:25 – Demand
5:35 – Supply
7:10 – What Is Going On Then?
9:45 – Summary

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