Earning money online: Earning money online is not easy

Earning money online is not easy. Even reading books on how to make money online is not easy. One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is believing that the hype comes from people who want to offer you this program or plan, when all they want is your money. Here’s the truth, along with some tips if you really mean business.

Earning money online is not easy!

Yeah, just like the title, that’s because it’s true. It is also true that many people make money online from what is vaguely referred to as “internet marketing”, but often not even make what they spend.

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It’s like slots – you bet $ 100 and get a drop of $ 80 and you say you won. Do you the hell! Pay $ 12 for web hosting, another $ 49.99 for a money-making e-book, and $ 50 for AdWords ads and a $ 9.99 sale. They think, “Hey, this might be exactly what I’m looking for!” Forget you have already lost $ 102!

It can get worse because by the time you start marketing online you already have hundreds and thousands of people trying to do exactly the same thing as you – in your niche. If you want to know what your competition is, choose a keyword that best describes your business and type it into the Google search box.

Check the competition: it can be humble

Check the number of other results just below the search bar. My keyword “Article Services” returned 3.17 billion more results, which is an indication of my competition for the concept of my website. If I search the competition for the exact term by putting the search term in quotation marks, that is: “Article Services”, I get 234,000 other websites that use that exact keyword.

This will tell you what you are up against. It’s daunting and almost enough to keep you from trying – almost! If you’re still serious about learning how to make money online, at least you have a chance – but it won’t be easy and it won’t be quick.

Sure, you read about these guys who made millions soon after using their new system! They even provide evidence! Photoshop and its clones can provide as much evidence as they need to convince you that their program or “system” is the best thing since sliced ​​bread!

My learning experience

Yes, many people can make money from affiliate marketing – by selling other people’s products for a commission. Basically, they are sellers who are paid for every sale. When I started internet marketing 8 years ago, I paid $ 12,500 to Cory Rudl’s mentoring program. I was looked after by a man in Canada. He taught me what is well known today: how to start and advertise a website – that’s about it.

This guy got paid to teach me what everyone already knew! Only I was too naive to understand that I had little chance of making money by doing what everyone else was doing. I failed and do you know why Here’s why:

I chose affiliate marketing. It’s simple: sell someone’s product and get paid for it. All of these products are in high demand so I can’t fail. I failed! Then I came across this “unbeatable offering” for software that sources the most profitable partner products. Only $ 99.95! Did it get my profitable products – no! Then that rich fool sold me a book that showed how he did it – total cheating – it was what I was already doing, so total failure again!

Earning money is not easy …

But it can be done! If you have a skill (mine writes) and that skill is in demand online, you can make money. Sure, you hear from the successful affiliate marketers or from people teaching others how to make money online. What you don’t hear is the millions and millions of others who not only make nothing, but lose money they cannot afford to lose.

Use your skills and knowledge

However, if you have a skill:

  • They are good at crocheting or quilting

  • You are a snowboard expert and can sell advice and equipment

  • You are a kid animator that kids love

  • You are a martial arts expert starting your own dojo

  • You are a retired teacher offering classes

  • You are a great writer and can write bespoke children’s story books or web content

  • They are an expert on any topic and can offer online training courses or eBooks

Then there are millions of people out there looking for what you are good at. Don’t try to copy what others are doing, just be yourself. Do your own thing and offer it online. Don’t spend $ 199.99 on the next great way to make money – it might work for 1%, but the other 99% are just wasting their money.

Make Money Online – Summary

In conclusion, I can say I make money online writing articles and web content for my clients. Before I realized I should use my writing skills, I learned a lot about failure and what to avoid.

Use what you know and focus on it unless you don’t have any skills or knowledge. It took me time to realize this and ignore those who would make me a millionaire – it doesn’t happen! I used up all of my credit cards (why did they give me these?) And just recently paid them off and built my credit back on.

Making money online isn’t easy and forget about those who teach you how to make money online selling other people’s products who are trying to sell another 100,000 as well. The statistics say you will likely lose your money – and some will even lose their homes! Make use of the skills and knowledge you have. Somebody wants to use these and you can sell them to them.

Source by Peter Nisbet

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