Earn money on Facebook just with your pc or laptop and giving them access to our company to publish ads, which will not be on your profile (ONLY FOR US)

Let me explain what this is all about.

I offer you money in exchange for a Service, which will depend on your Facebook Account, the one you always use, has a **“*****Hidden Profile*****”** which has the sole purpose of managing trades, sponsors, ads, and all that stuff. We shall call this hidden profile a “*Business Account*”.

This “hidden profile” has the tool named “Facebook Ads Manager”, if you ever had an online business or wanted to sponsor a page then you probably heard of this before, otherwise, this space is just stacking dust.

Clickbank Promo Tools

Everyday we pay many Facebook users just for letting us post our ad campaigns in this space. Best part is that’s you don’t have to put a single penny in order to get started.

Let’s make it clear that your business account is alien to the profile that you use for your friends, posts, chats and all the sketchy stuff you post in your wall, and the only thing that your personal profile shares with your “*Business account”* is the name, nothing else.

What is this all coming to? Are we gonna steal your Facebook profile?

No, we are not interested in your intriguing life.

We want to use your account for our ads, nothing else, you won’t even notice we are using it, and your name won’t even appear in any of our created pages and your friends will see nothing of it. You get to keep using your personal profile as you like!

All you need is a Laptop/Pc/Mac and a Facebook account with at least 100 friends and at least 2 years since its creation.

Now: How are we gonna use this sponsoring profile? Well here’s the “service” that we ask of you:

Be a Direct Access. (DA)

With this your computer will function as an access for us, and we’ll pay you 50$ every week to keep it booted up 24/7 (or as long as you can).

We understand that at this point you think we are not being legit and your are worried about your privacy or what we can do with your personal computer, that is COMPETELY understandable, we are humans, not the CIA or Google thinking we can spy on everything you have.

Many people are skeptical about letting us log into their Facebook accounts, but just remember, we only use the Business Manager, which is your business profile, we are not going anywhere else and literally you can see us working there, no problems.

We pay only through PayPal, since it’s a lot less complicated than other methods and there is no fee, we just ask for your associated e-mail and it’s done.

To get more information and ask all the questions you have, you can contact me by mail: [unayden1@gmail.com](mailto:unayden1@gmail.com)

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Or you can also find me on Instagram: unayden1

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