Earn money by browsing on Google Chrome (Slice Extension)

Are you looking to earn money while you search for things on the internet? Then this article will help you with this chrome extension called Slice.

Slice is a browser extension that allows users to monetize the time and attention they invest in internet browsing. Slice is the browsing standard of tomorrow, ready to start generating passive income for you today.

Slice is very simple to use: You Earn passive income simply by browsing with the Slice extension enabled; remove it at any time, with no strings attached.

Slice place users at the top of the internet pyramid to maximize the cash value of their time and attention. By browsing with Slice, you’ll earn your fair Slice of the internet economy.

How to start earning money with Slice:

Install the browser extension here: https://addslice.com/?crew=Jjj4b (Referral link).
Or get it here: https://addslice.com/ (no refferal).
Slice will display ads on your visited pages as you browse the internet.

How do you get paid?

Payouts are currently available via the Bitcoin Lightning network and PayPal. They will gradually integrate more payout methods, including gift cards.

How much can you expect to earn?:

This depends on your online activity; a decent estimate would be around 5$ a month on average.

If you want to start earning money to search for things online, Slice will be your best option here.

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