Drop out of college to invest?

So I am currently in college sort of lost, not knowing what I want to do in life. I have learned a lot about investing in stocks (have about 10k invested), and some in real estate, and have came to the conclusion that it might be worth it for me to drop out. At the end of the day, college is an investment, which I do not believe I’m getting much out of.

I do not have any student loans, my school is free. My parents pay my rent and give me some money to live off of. I believe they have some money saved up for me for grad school, which I have no plan of going to. Is it worth it for me to drop out and ask for the grad school money to use as a downpayment on a house? If I do not have to pay a downpayment on a house, as well as my parents paying some or all mortgage payments for the first few years, wouldn’t that be a better investment for me than college? I would work a 15/hr job and would use most of it to invest in stocks. I would grow my stock portfolio greatly doing this (for added passive income) and would end up having a paid off house that I could rent out when I am ready to purchase another home. Is it worth dropping out? I realize I am in a very fortunate position and feel like this is a better way to take advantage of it.

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