do i have a chance? looking for an easy programming job

i’m a programmer. i don’t have much experience behind me due to my depression/burnout, but i would love to find a part time job working on a slow-paced project. i have experience with rust and go (and ruby in the past), and an interest in linux. i wrote [this in go]( (it had over 200 stars on github before i deleted my account) and [this in rust]( i’m an experienced linux user (btw i use arch). i’m ready to work for food 🙁 my situation is pretty dire

edit: i like command line interfaces

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edit2: just to make this clear – I’ve worked professionally (for a local bank) for some short time in the past. had to quit due to psychosis (happens once in 5-6 years)

edit3: i’m not from america

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