Do any of these “100% passive and fully managed” businesses really work?

Because if my interests and goals, I’m getting bombarded with ads for these 100% passive and fully managed businesses on Instagram. A few of the names I’ve seen are Wealth Builders Automation, Ascend Ecom, VT Ad Agency, Ecommerce Empire Builders and One Up Services. These are all in ecommerce, but I’ve seen some for trucking, ATMs, and YouTube as well.

Naturally I’m inclined to believe that all are very risky and probably won’t work, but primarily because of the whole “too good to be true” and “whats the catch?” factors. On the other hand why are there so many of these automation businesses? Is it possible theres some that work and can be sustainable? Has anyone here invested in one? Or have you heard anything first hand from someone who has invested? Thank you!

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