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Ok. So this might sound stupid.
I’m thinking of starting a complete digital job consultancy. I have some job listings of different companies who are willing to pay for getting candidates for them. All I have to do is refer them. The interview, etc. Will be handed by the recruiting company. Which seems like a great passive income stream to me.

So I’m completely new in this niche. I don’t have any idea how to do it. How to get candidates and how to do it without….a PC (too broke to buy one). I don’t have a website or blog or glossy linkedin. I’m thinking of doing it more as a side hustle.

Am I putting my expectations too high? Where do I get leads? Are there any subreddits where I can help people get jobs without me getting permanently banned (recent event)? How do I grow my audience?

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I’ve seen so many posts of people on r/resume describing how they’ve lost their jobs. But posting job offers on a completely different community would seem like spam. If I directly reach out I’m afraid I might come out as a creep or a scamster.
FYI, no transaction is involved here.

I’d really appreciate the advice.

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