Dave interviews Joe Grand on his Trezor Crypto Wallet Hack interview from WNWS

My buddy Joe Grand, AKA Kingpin from the L0pht hacker group back in the day spent 3 months hacking the Trezor wallet for a person who forgot his 5 digit PIN number.

In this interview I catch up with Joe and talk about the attack he used to reveal the PIN and how he recovered the $2M on the USB device! I even ask him how much he made on the project….

Joe is famous for testifying in front of the senate in the 1990’s and for making the DEFCON circuit board hackable badges for many many years of the 2000’s. He’s been a friend of mine for years and I was super excited to hear about this project!

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You can see our full What’s Next Wall St. version of this episode here:

Check out Joe’s other hacking stuff here:


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