Current: Make Money By Listening To Music

I have tried a couple of “money making apps” but this one actually seems to be good for *once*. Whenever you see a money making app you typically get bombarded by surveys that never end, videos that don’t pay, no payout at all, etc. This app (called Current) pays you to listen to music. When you sign up you get about 2,000 points after filling out some details about you. To earn more points, you can go to the music tab and see all the radio stations they have, they have many to choose from. I don’t really listen to the music myself, but I do notice the songs that come on. But the good thing about listening to music and earning is the ability to set it and forget it. You do have to check in about every 30mins (sometimes more) to resume your earnings, and with me being home all the time, this was no issue to me. After every song you get more points. To increase your points per song, you can buy a ‘boost” that gives you 50% more per song. The app is easy to use, and is very clean. Try it out for yourself and see what you think, this one hasn’t been hard to use at all, if you would like, my referal link will be below to help me out.


*Disclaimer: The link above is a referral link, also do not expect to make thousands from this, but you will make a good amount!*

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