Credit card Cashback

Just a reminder that credit card cash back is a form of passive income. I just did my year-end summary (a couple weeks early) and these are my results.

$3,943.81 Total Cash Rewards ($3,543.81 in cash back and $400 in SUB)

I need to subtract $550 for the Chase Sapphire’s annual fee…but then add back the $300 travel credit, and that would lower my net cashback to just under $3700.

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I also got 50,000 bonus miles on Spirit for signing up for their card.

I’m able to increase the spend on my personal cards by purchasing computers and tech for my employer (which I can expense). In addition to cashback on these purchases, I’ve also gotten about $800 in Dell rewards dollars that I can use to shop at Dell not counted in the above rewards.

Edit: for the passive income police, would people on this sub characterize putting the effort into an efficient Cashback setup as a form of generating passive income?

I’ll die on the hill that using that strategy to get Cashback on purchases made for an employer is definitely passive income. I view it as an extra benefit of the job like a 401k match. It isn’t derived from your own spend.

But for someone who has no rewards card strategy, to then adopt one which puts cash into their bank account with no other change in purchasing behavior seems like a tax free “income”’stream (which is the best kind). And it requires little to no effort to maintain once its setup.

What do people think?

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