Conduent? Work from home tech support?

Hi, I’m trying to figure out rather I should take this job offere or not.

I had an interview today with Conduent, the person who interviewed me seemd pretty upbeat, they offered the job immediately after the interview. It starts at the end of april so a whole month from now.

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Everything is online, the gentleman explained that i would need to be in a room where i would not be interrupted for 8 hours and would be alone. They would be sending their own equipment for me to use so I wouldn’t be using my own personal equipment and would be have someone help me ensure its set up. The pay is okay, 14.25 an hour for an entry level “call center” position.

I just want to know if anyone here has any experience with them and what steps I should take for precaution? They will be sending me an email for a background check, etc. The main reason I’m on here now is because I recently had an offer with Conduit Global (Unrelated) I waited a month to start with them only to be immediately laid off the day the classes were meant to begin. They didn’t require me to use their equipment but to instead have my own which was fine, but I don’t want to be burned again 🙁 I cant get unemployment so i need to find work, I’m burning through my savings so quickly.

UPDATE: for those who want to know the hiring process for conduent.

You do an online background check which requires the last 7 years of work history. You fill out paperwork the typical kind but all online. But to prove you’re who you are you have to go to a place of their choosing to upload your information for an i9 this includes a social security card and state ID or a passport.

According to the paperwork I signed you will be receiving a $1500 iMac that must be returned at the end of employment. You must have a hard internet connection (no wifi). Space where no one can see your work station that is quiet and private.

So far its looking promising! Start date is a month from now.

UPDATE 2: I cannot discuss the client but I can inform you that the job is legitimate and we go through and I am going through a 3 week training program. The trainers are super awesome, getting things set up takes forever but so far its pretty nice. It is a permanent stay at home job as tech support 🙂 if you’re interested in a career with conduent you can at

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