Community Manager/Game Creation Team Leader — Up to $350 a month

**::::::::::::: Preface: :::::::::::::**

I run a group of gamers who make awesome creations on a game similar to Minecraft (Ylands).

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Together we have been consistently competing in and winning massive competitions held by Tencent in the game.

Together we have won almost $30,000 USD over the last 2 years.

Running this community has been the most fun thing I ever did. Ylands-players are the most chill, friendly, kind and warm gamers you will ever meet. Our Discord: (

Together we program and build games:

That build became the lobby for the whole of Ylands.

Sadly, I’ve been seriously unwell and I need help running things.


**::::::::::::: Who is this for? :::::::::::::**

Ideally, someone for whom $350 a month is either a solid part-time or full-time income

OR someone who would really benefit from game production/community management experience. You really don’t need to be highly qualified, just someone who puts in the effort.


**::::::::::::: Requirements: :::::::::::::**


1. Gaming PC

2. Decent mic

3. Good written english

4. Understand Discord well (here is ours):

5. Optional: Webcam, good spoken english is a good bonus.


1. Team leadership — You are a natural leader of people

2. Compassionate — Willing to listen to people’s needs and take time with them. Not money-seeking but people-driven

3. Clean — Strong language and sexual themes are not appropriate for this role

4. Humility — The ability to take and soak-in advice.

**Tech know-how:**

1. Good know-how in Reddit and Discord

2. Streaming ability would be a good bonus but not a deal-maker/breaker

3. Game creation experience or eagerness to learn.

**::::::::::::: Your Role: :::::::::::::**


Your role is to be a traditional community manager on one hand mixed with a game creation team leader.

Let me explain, every 2 months or so Tencent holds a competition for “best creation” in Ylands. These are ALL held in China. We are the only outside-china team to have access.

We compete with Chinese teams to win the competitions:

No one on the team is building/programming for the money, everyone is just having fun. Your job is to help people have the fun and make sure they get rewarded.




Creating Community

Game Creation


Weekly Party

**Recruiting** — Post on Reddits and Discords to bring people in. Share our work on social media, get in touch with BI about what we are up to and encourage them to publish it.

**Training** — We have a comprehensive system which encourages people to learn the basics. Your job is to bring people through that system step by step.

**Creating Community** — Build that sense of community by encouraging people to share their progress on the Discord, develop discussions around what we are up to as a team.

**Game Creation** — Pair great builders with great developers, help feed them ideas and shape their creativity to fit upcoming Tencent and BI competitions.

**Reports** — Some reports on who did what.

**Submissions** — Work with our partners in Tencent to submit any games people want monetized.

**Weekly Party** — Get people hyped about the weekly parties and bring them down. Then lead the weekly parties with a stream. I will be there as health allows.

**::::::::::::: Compensation: :::::::::::::**

When you apply for this position I want you to state how many hours per month and how much you would like to be paid for it from $150-$300 a month. Minimum 20 hours per month.

**::::::::::::: Expectations: :::::::::::::**

We are looking for someone who is creative and innovative, a gamer passionate about making games.

This is not the repetitive job of a traditional CM but it’s like a small business in itself, just a lot more relaxed.

**::::::::::::: How to apply: :::::::::::::**


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