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I have been working on the website more and more this month but haven’t done as much as I would have liked and set out to do. Most of my work was just content creation and article writing rather than working on SEO and the design of my site. We did, however, increase our traffic and acquisition of users from organic sources.

*Disclaimer: the data collected in this doesn’t include the traffic, earnings and statistics from August 31st. It is the 31st as I am writing this so don’t have all of the earning etc. yet.*

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If anyone wants to read the case study for month one, it is available [here.](

**About the website and project**

I started a news website in a niche which I am very interested in – technology. The website has a lot of different content as we have since expanded since the launch. Me and some of my friends, with the same interests as me, keep this website up to date by writing articles daily which we then share on various social media accounts (mostly Facebook and Twitter).

**Monthly Summary**

This month I never did too much on the website other than write the content. I gained a few more writers which are helping me with all sorts of tasks. Many of them are sharing their content on social media and helping to grow the site. They are all working for free which is great! I have no set amount of work for them to complete, they do it as they have a passion for writing and the niche I’m in. I appreciate their work so much.

**Goals from previous month**

Last month, I set myself a variety of goals. Most of these went out of the window as I have spent a lot of time studying and catching up with friends and family as the coronavirus restrictions continue to ease. Next month, I hope to complete more goals and work towards my long-term targets.

* SEO – worked on this a bit but not a lot. Due to being a news website, we don’t do keyword research as it would be silly – in my opinion anyways. I have began to make the website a lot more Search Engine friendly though.
* Increase Organic Traffic – Despite not doing a lot of SEO, we have saw a steep increase of traffic coming from search engines. Most of the traffic comes from Google however I have recently saw Bing coming up a lot too.
* 15000 sessions – In hind sight, this target was a bit too optimistic. It was asking us to increase our traffic by 50% (if my maths is correct) in a month. We came around 2000 sessions short of this target.
* Guest blogs and independently find advertisers – Nothing much was done on this front. I signed up to a few websites which help publishers find brands but it seems to be a lot more large scale than I am looking for.
* Use other social medias – We have began publishing our articles on LinkedIn and Tumblr. The best results are coming from Twitter and Facebook still but LinkedIn is contributing well too (maybe 5 users a day). Tumblr, on the other hand, is barely doing much.
* Begin to use affiliate links – We never got into this yet. I will probably research more about it and see how I can do it properly and then experiment and mess around with them. I’m not sure if they would work well with my site though.
* Increase returning visitors – We almost doubled the amount of visitors which returned to our website this month. Hopefully, we can continue to do so and gain a loyal reader-base.

Overall, I think that it was a fairly successful month considering I never worked too much to the goals. The results were surprising, to be honest. I never expected so much growth and success to come from so little work towards my goals.

**What went well?**

* A positive which can be derived from this month is the amount of traffic we received. The amount of organic traffic was impressive too.
* The acquisition of a few new writers has been a big boost for me and the team too.
* The amount of high-quality content we have produced has been overwhelming too.
* Many of these articles have been linked in other websites, giving us backlinks. Another positive too!

**What could be improved?**

* I still believe that the amount of earnings should be higher. Currently, I think that we are being played and mugged off by Adsense, Infolinks and I might apply for Ezoic soon too.
* The design of the website is still bugging me. I think I may redesign next month. My plan is to work on my local machine and then upload it to the web server when I am confident that the design is fine.

**Traffic and Statistics**

The traffic is still increasing. We had our best day ever at the beginning of the month and the following days had a lot more traffic than normal too. However, as usual, users and sessions slowly returned back to a more normal amount by the end of the month.

|Metric|August 2020|
|Page views|14199|
|Average time on page|2mins 27secs|


After the month had started, I set a goal for atleast $10 in ad revenue (not much, I know). Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I would like to announce that we reached the goal!! A record month for my website!


Admittedly, this isn’t as good as it could be and I am looking for ways to increase revenue from the site. But for now, I am happy and it is a good start!


As I have already mentioned, organic traffic is up. Social traffic is mainly coming from Facebook and Twitter (nearly a 50/50 split) but with some other users coming from LinkedIn and Tumblr.


**Google Search Console**

Google Search Console is one of the things I check in the morning. I have recently been obsessed with it. The CTR is still pretty low and could do with some improving. Despite this, everything is on the up!

|Click Through Rate|0.2%|
|Average Position|8.6|

**Goals for Next Month**

* $15 in Ad Revenue – Considering how much I’m being played by ad networks recently, this one is a BIG ask. Not too confident but I’ll leave it in. I’d be happy with another $10 (it is helping me break even with the hosting and domain).
* Similar traffic – I will be happy with the amount of traffic I received this month. Obviously I would love to see some growth though.
* New website launch – Over the past few days I have contemplated building a new website in a different niche to run along side this one. After contemplating, I bit the bullet and bought hosting and a domain for it. In the next month or so, I hope to see this running and earning money. It could become part of a network, who knows?
* Ezoic Approval – I need to get approved for Ezoic to increase the revenue coming from the website.


* Is Ezoic as good as people make out?
* Any other news site owners that have any advice, information and tips, feel free to message me or leave them in the comments!
* How do you suggest I scale my website and reach more people?
* Is building backlinks worth it?


I hope that this case study is insightful and helpful for you! I am still new and learning how to blog, build websites etc. but I am finding it extremely fun and exciting.

Also, I’m sorry about how long this is! I hope I haven’t bored you to death and have provided some worth throughout. I will try and shorten it down next month.

**Thank you for reading!**

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