Can You Really Make Money From Data Entry?

There are many skeptics out there who just don’t believe that data entry can really make money online. Unfortunately they are absolutely wrong! There are several legitimate ways to earn extra income from home. Not all of them are 100% legitimate, so you need to be careful about choosing a work from home location. You have your mlm, you have your online surveys, you have your discount programs and of course your data entry.

Now I’ve tried almost all of these programs online. They didn’t all work for me, however. The one I’ve had the best luck with, I’m currently still doing, which is the typical data entry program.

This job actually surprised me because it was the quickest way to make money. I started making an income in just 2 days. It wasn’t difficult, but it wasn’t exactly easy either. I’ll put it this way, it took a lot of time these 2 days but it was easy to follow.

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What does the data entry include?

There are various data entry programs on the Internet. I chose the data entry job “Ad Typist”. This is considered a “non-traditional” way of entering data. This involves entering data into ad forms to promote online web businesses. Basically, you can advertise anything from clothing to healthcare, e-books to online jobs – you name it!

When you make money from it, you get paid every time your ad generates a sale for the company. These companies pay you very generously – usually 50-75% commission. You’re not really selling anything now. People usually get confused by this. The companies basically do all of the sales, delivery, tech support and so on. All you have to do is run your ads and that’s it.

Do you need experience or special writing skills?

Not at all. That’s another great thing about this type of work. You DO NOT need any experience as the company you are signing up with will train you on how to do everything. They provide you with your own members’ area where you can log in and access your training guides and ad forms. Some of them even write the ad copy for you. Participation in such a program costs approximately $ 50. However, with work you can easily restore this. Depending on how much time and effort you put into this project, you can make over $ 200 a day. That’s the great thing about it. How much you want to make is entirely up to you and how much work you are willing to put in.

How to Find a Good Data Entry Company

1. The company must have a good mentor and offer a good training approach. One who is ready to guide you through the program. (Many companies just ignore your email.)

2. Find a program that DOES NOT require pay-per-click campaigns to make money! (Be sure to ask this.)

3. Make sure they answer your email. (Send a test email.)

If you are looking to make money from this type of data entry from home, I highly recommend an excellent program called Typist Jobs that meets all three of the above requirements.

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