Can we just make a giant list of ideas. I just want to know the possibilities

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Food stand, participating in flea market, donating blood/plasma/eggs, doing real life surveys, provide a service of your specialty, day or micro stock trader, golf caddying, flyer delivery (better on election day), Uber/Lyft (better on holidays), medical study, letgo/facebook marketplace/craigslist gig, photography, focus groups, tutoring, handmade items (just look up DIY projects to make then sell online)

Clickbank Promo Tools

Semi passive:

Vending machine, eCommerce, buy existing business, merchandise, laundromat, rent out equipment, etsy or ebay, arcade, swing or position stock trader.


Invest in dividend or index stocks, bonds, referral, Adsense, stock photos, online course, software, music, subscriptions, information, Bitcoin mining, way more viable now because last gen (think RX460-80 or GTX1050-80) are cheaper now, credit card churning, private lending, rent space for storage or like a hotel, internet sharing, affiliate marketing, mobile apps.

Potentially all:

Blog, social media, lead generation.


Active: Drug dealer, prostitute.



When you make the top 2 spots on a subreddit.

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