Build passive income stream in 9 months

Hey guys, I’m going to be a senior at my highschool starting September, and after highschool I want to go to college to get my CS Degree.

I have two choices for college, either go to a public one in my own country (Cyprus), or attend University of Twente in The Netherlands.

Personally, I would love to go to The Netherlands because it is one of the best in Europe for Computer Science.

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My parents will take care of the tuition fee which is around 2k euros a year, but the living expenses and everything else is on me.

If I really go there, I need to build an income stream (preferably passive) that makes around 12k euros a year.

I have exactly 9 months to do so. The thing is I have no idea what to do and where to start. If anyone could tell me ways I could build passive income in 9 months, I will be very thankful. (preferably no upfront cost, until it actually starts making money).

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