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Hey everyone. I’m looking to make some money. Preferably I don’t do anything. I don’t want to move, or think. I’ll just breathe. I’d like you to tell me highly detailed strategies for making it big in the first things I saw when I googled passive income. I’ll accept new ideas for blogs, printing shirts, and downloading free images and pitching them as NFTs. I’ll even teach something about a subject I know nothing about to others looking to make money. Maybe I’ll start a Shopify store selling stuff from Ali express. Have you heard of dropshipping? Yep it’s the hot new thing thats only been around for a decade. Don’t tell anyone but I might even try it on Amazon. I might even break some rules and do it on Etsy. But that’s too much thinking already. Anyway, give me all your strategies and don’t forget to visit my YouTube channel. I’ll give you a 30 minute intro to how to make money in crypto! The full course will be on my Udemy for only $400. Hurry while supplies last!

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