Billboard & Vending Machine Owners of Reddit…

Two very separate types of business but curious to learn from each one on their +/-’s.


– Where did you go about acquiring them? Buy/Build?
– Are you signs digital?
– What types of locations are you in?
– Are you self leasing or though an aggregator/agency?
– What industries do you find selling space for is the most profitable, best to work with, consistent?
– How often is the space unleased?
– What are your maintenance issues?
– What are some of your ballpark financials like?
– Do you overall enjoy this as an income stream?

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**Vending Machines**

– How did you find your first locations?
– What matters most to you for a good location
– What type of items are you suppling? Any specialty offerings?
– What are your best locations? Airports, malls, schools, apartments etc? , etc.? Do you outsource the refill work? Do you even bother with cash?
– What are your contract or leases like for your space?

Thanks for sharing!

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