Beermoney: All-in-One Microtask Aggregator [$10 – $30 daily, in average]

Hey guys!

Check [Beermoney: All-in-One Microtask Aggregator](, that enables you to work on multiple microtasking platforms at the same time, from your mobile phone and PC, and earn **$10 – $30 daily**, in average.Currently, integrated platforms:

– Mechanical Turk

Clickbank Promo Tools

– Microworkers

– RapidWorkers

– Picoworkers [Still work in progress]


The Beermoney application, offers bunch of productivity tools, like:

– Aggregating all jobs from the integrated sites (1000+ jobs at any time)

– Filtering jobs by price, time to finish, keywords, requester, requester’s approval rate and much more

– Queueing and reserving jobs (like in Mechanical Turk and Microworkers queues)

– Catcher for every platform (automatically reserving jobs, by specified parameters)- Working from the website


Visit the Beermoney’s website to learn more: [](

PS: The mobile application link can be found on the website

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