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If you’ve followed my online marketing with SEO work and tried to understand SEO late at night, you will know that online marketing and SEO are not as easy as it is sometimes suggested. However, even if you started without keyword placement, you will know that you have wasted valuable months and even years. Not to mention the expense of blog and email list hosting, all due to simple misdirection and incorrect keyword placement.

In addition to compelling content, keyword placement is the most important factor that determines your growth rate. Absolutely everything you do online from blog SEO, blog posts, comments, forum discussions, posting, solo ads, and the rest of the rest of the way to get visitors is based on keyword placement. And as I recently discovered, with the right keyword placement, your blogs, videos, articles, and e-books can show up on the first search results page in days, not months or years.

One must always bear in mind and accept that targeting the right audience requires preparation and planning. But targeting an interested audience is the only way to make money online, regardless of your method, be it blogging, affiliate marketing, or otherwise.

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Another common SEO mistake is submitting a sitemap to Google. If you don’t, Google won’t be able to find your way to your blog. A site map contains the keywords and keyword phrases that best describe your work so that it can be categorized accordingly. Submitting a site map is done simply by installing a plugin like “All in one SEO“or”Google XML sitemaps“but you also need the”Google Search Console“that the sitemap is actually accepted and understood.

I recently had a “HTTP 404 error“On my blog sitemap, which freaked me out a little for being under the impressions, everything was successfully completed. And after some intensive research, I found that this seems to be a fairly common problem, but is easy to fix.

Now a sitemap URL usually ends with “/sitemap.xml“but sometimes an additional element (dot / dot) is added at the end of the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, which may be one of the reasons for the”.HTTP 404 errorFortunately, this can be easily fixed by simply deleting the old sitemap from Google Search Console and simply copying / pasting the sitemap url from the plugin, just discarding the last point.

But let’s get back to keyword placement. I just thought I’d share some of the latest findings that made a world of difference for my own websites and videos. The first few lines of your content are also the most profitable lines to work with as this is how your content will be categorized by all the major search engines like Google and Bing. Because of this, the site title (H1 header) and post title (H2 header) with widget titles (H3 header) and the first 160 characters of your content can make you money online just with your blog.

The challenge, however, is to use these search phrases as part of the description context and not just cram a bunch of search phrases that don’t make sense. Within a description, the search phrase you are looking for should appear at least two or three times and can be much more difficult when using search phrases in context.

For best results with keyword placement, it is always recommended to create a fusion between your website’s long tail and short tail keywords and then include those search phrases in both title and First 160 characters as this is usually recognized as a content description.

This is the description you might also see in the meta description of websites on a search results page in a major search engine. They usually have the site title at the top in blue and then the URL directly below it in green with the description text in black. You may also notice some bold keywords in the meta description. These are the keywords the site is currently ranking for.

Exactly what keywords and search phrases to use will depend on the niche you are looking to make money from online. It’s always better to find keywords and search phrases that have a high search volume and low to medium competition, but even then, they can take a while to actually show up in Google search results.

Search engine optimization is pretty straightforward and mostly logical once you get the hang of it, but it’s the lesser-traveled route for a reason. While the actual ranking can increase quite quickly with correct keyword placement, it can take weeks and even months until the relevant keywords and search phrases are found.

You might even change the blog and post title a few times in the meta description. However, if you are sure that you also check the sitemap in the google search console. Keep in mind that if you change keywords and search phrases, the entire sitemap will change too. If you don’t update, Google will give the wrong directions for your website.

Proper search engine optimization really is as easy as just telling all major search engines exactly what your blog, video, article or content is about. The basics always depend on the title, description, and the frequency with which the search phrase is displayed.

The placement of keywords and search phrases is your direction and far more important than speed. Make money online is a numbers game about how many hours, days, weeks, months and even years you are willing to move on.

Post title tip – Avoid words like “and” or “at” in a post title as this will sometimes appear as a special character (& @ $%) that is not considered SEO friendly and will lower your blog SEO score.

This also applies to video, article, and e-book titles as these titles will show up in Google search results at some point. This is why it is so important to use the search phrases in context as this is the description a visitor will read.

This is also part of the “first impression”. What does your potential buyer see when they look at the meta description on the Google search results page? Are they seeing a desperate attempt to sell or an actual professional proposal for relevant, unique, and compelling content?

The only “secret“To actually make money online, you have to keep going until you succeed, not until you are tired of trying.

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