As a Freelancer, have you ever been asked to pay a small amount of money as a starting fee or recruiting fee to an online job on a regular basis?

I have a good opportunity that I think will benefit me these days and I wouldn’t want to miss it. However, the employer is asking for a $16 “recruiting fee”

This is what he said in his last email “We have to check your projects before handover for the customer, For that valuable time and for the recruiting only we are charging that fee.”

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Now, $16 may not sound as a big amount of money but, in TRY and for someone like me right now, it’s not small either. I just want to avoid the possibility of them taking the money and stop contacting me.

For the record, everything else about the employer is legit. They sent screenshots of payments to other employees. They sent sample work for me that I did, and so on.

So, the question is, to what degree is that suspicious? Have you done that before? Is it completely normal or not?


Edit: Thank you for your responses and I’m now fairly certain it’s nothing but scam. Just to have a clearer case, however, this is a link to an image they provided that is supposed to prove it’s an actual business.

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