Arcade Games at Laundromats

I’ve checked around my small city and found 3 busy laundromats that are very busy on weekends. 2 are in areas that are working class, but kept nice, and one is by the college and is also very busy. None have games, but the owners have a vending machine in each.

I checked on Craigslist and FB market place and all the arcade games for sale are $1000 to $1300 for what I would call “good” games (Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, TMNT, Capcom VS Marvel, etc.).

So it is more than I want to pay for a single cabinet. I was checking online and found a company that makes multi-game cabinets and offer a coin box option. They want $1400 for the cabinet.

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They actually offer 3000+ games, but said they can cut it down to their top 100 games and it has 4 player spaces for games like TMNT and The Simpsons.

I checked and my state doesn’t require I collect sales tax. I figure it will cost 20-25% commission for the owner, but all 3 locations have empty space for the cabinet.

The State requires me to pay $3 a year for a lease license to protect on a tax default by the owner. In case the owner default on their taxes or gets a lien, I don’t have to go to court to get my machine out.

I do have $1500 to buy the first machine with cash.

Anyone have any experience? Would it be a good investment? I’d start with one machine and then use the revenue to buy machines as I get places willing to accept them.

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