Appen stock has fallen -68.06% in the past year

I have been working on Appen for about 2.5 years now. And I definitely had some amazing months of work and pay. But then also had very dry months of barely any work. Decided to Google their stock and got some few answers with what’s going on with Appen, why there are less projects now and why the pay rates have dropped.

> [As The Motley Fool Australia reported, Macquarie’s analysts spoke with industry participants about the company and found there’s a trend of large tech companies sourcing their own AI data. Thus, the broker believes demand for the company’s products will probably wane in the future, causing its revenue stream to slow.](

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[“Appen share price is now down over 61% since the start of the year.”](

So I guess more and more companies have their own workforce to labour through all their AI data and have stopped outsourcing this work to Appen. Now it’s time to search and figure out how to get into those big tech giants workforce.

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