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We must do something about it! Today I have received a second notification of my RPH non-compliance in Appen Arrow. As well as so many other raters.


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At the moment, my RPH is 60 tasks per hour, and this has been the standard for a very long time. Now everything has changed, and it is a requirement for the raters to complete tasks much faster. A similar situation occurs in Telus, the company drives its employees into terrible conditions under which a person is not able to do his job well. It is impossible to complete the tasks faster without sacrificing the quality! But it seems like these companies care only about their profit.


Why does Google allow such a boorish attitude towards its raters? After all, Google itself will suffer very much because of such actions.

If there are Google employees among the readers, I am asking you so hard to convey the information to the administration of the EWOQ platform. Because of the boorish actions of Appen and Telus your reputation suffers! These companies drown the raters and Google.


Let’s stop making us slaves and try to tell Google what’s going on behind its back.

Contact email – [](, [](, [](



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