Anyone taken the I Love Creatives SquareSpace Course?

So I have two RedBubble accounts going, and am slowly starting to see some movement there. I have plans to extend my stuff to Teepublic and S6, too. Next will be some experiments with social media ads. (A big question I have is if it’s worth spending the $ on ads for POD when your profit margin is so small? TBD for me) I’d like to continue to further build out my ‘passive income portfolio’ by also diversifying it, and I’ve heard that selling SquareSpace templates can be good for that if you know what you’re doing. Lots of up front work, but higher price point individual purchases once you’ve put in the time.

I’ve been seeing ads for the SquareSpace course by I Love Creatives for quite some time, and it seems appealing – in part because she’s funny and it doesn’t seem as dry as a lot of other online courses out there. Also in part because it advertises that you can be a development n00B. I am technically inclined but have zero background in programming/web development. It comes with access to a support network, via Slack, as well. Has anyone taken this course? I’ve seen some testimonials online but not a lot.

I’d love to hear about any experiences with this course, or any experiences y’all might have with selling SquareSpace templates as a form of passive income. I tried doing a search before posting and couldn’t find much, apologies if this is a repeat question.

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Thanks 🙂

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