anyone here ever “brokered” passive income? I need your help!

Hello everyone

NOTE: Anyone with experience should feel free to fill in the gaps in my proposed plan of action:

Step 1. Find start-ups with proof of concept (i.e. actual sales/revenue NOT prototypes). The start-up must be willing to grow/expand to the next level.

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Step 2. Agree to help start-up find suitable investment/private funding in exchange for an option-to-purchase agreement of some % stake in the said start-up

Step 3. With option in hand, find end-buyer (investment bank, VC, etc) to buy a piece of my stake in the start-up business

Step 4. WIN-WIN-WIN close: Investor gets a good deal, start-up gets funding for next phase of growth, I get passive dividends for helping put the whole thing together.

If you’ve successfully pulled off something similar, please share how you did it.

OR What do you see me missing?

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