Anyone else feels the need to work on side hustles despite having a good-paying full-time job?

Hi guys. I just want to get this off my chest. I am continuously struggling with the undying strong feeling of doing something on side despite having a stable good paying job which pays me way more than any passive income would in years. Honestly, i don’t need passive income for few years but I don’t know why i am still inclined on building something for future sake. The problem with this is I am always stressed out, unhappy and mentally exhausted as I give everything to my job and then spend time doing this with no instant outcomes. I am always wondering why I am doing this? Is it because I want something on my own, feel useful, feel like i created something rather than helping someone else’s business grow.

Anybody in the same boat or in general any advice on how to have a stable state of mind and focus my efforts in one direction?

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