Another Usability Testing Site: Conversion Crimes.

DISCLAIMER: I moderate some tests on Conversion Crimes, so while I am not directly employed by the company, I am affiliated with them.

If you have ever done any usability testing, you might be interested in Conversion Crimes.

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CC is in the same field as Intellizoom, Validatetly, [](, etc. The biggest difference between CC and most other testing sites is the fact there are no screeners to take. Sometimes there will be extra requirements on certain tests like “must speak French” or “must work in IT”, but the vast majority of the tests do not have any requirements and can be taken by pretty much anyone.

They have been in beta for quite some time, but they just hit the 1.0 version of the site a short time ago, so they have opened up signups for a short time.

The site pays out every Monday for the previous week’s work. Currently, tests pay from 50 cents for super short tests to $6 for longer ones. There are some bonuses and levels involved too, so you can possibly end up making more.

They pay you for the training and will actually give you curated feedback to help you become a better tester all around too, so if you are new to testing or need some help getting started, this is the platform to try.


Here is a post from the founder Quinn that gives more details.

*We are opening back up for testers and you can learn more here:* [**](

***We are especially looking for***

*- female testers*

*- people in tech jobs (programming, data base admin, etc)*

*- people that can test on iOS devices.*

*We definitely do not have the resources of a big giant like* [**]( *who has 80+ developers and received 100 million in funding this year.*

*We have just one developer, are bootstrapping, and we’ve just officially launched version 1.0 this month.*

*We hate Loom probably as much as you guys do, Loom is a temporary solution until we can develop out our own tech.*

*However, the best news I can share is the team is full-time on the project now as we have closed down the agency, so things will be moving a lot faster from here on!*

*If you guys have any feedback on how we can make it better for you, please let me know!*

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