An idea on Dropshipping business model opportunities in 2020-The ultimate things to know about Dropshipping with zero investment.

For so long we have understood **income money** that as long as you work you will earn money, but this idea is changing day by day.

The new ideas of this age are that you can’t ever be rich easily by active income in a very short period compared to [**passive income**]( it could be.

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“Study hard so you can find a good company to work for”-We all have been hearing this saying from our parents since childhood. Even Robert Kiyosaki used this line in his best money making ideas book of the century “[**Rich Dad Poor Dad**](“.

If we think deeply why would we do the job and then the only thing that comes up is to earn money.

Many of us don’t like the job life and some people even gasp due to work brunt and after some years of job, they quit their job and want to start self start-up business.

Even many colleges going teenagers ask on different website’s blogs, social media and in many forums some common questions as they want to earn from part-time jobs while going to college.

The questions are in the following type.**1)The real quick way technique to earn one hundred dollars a month from home?2) how can I make $300 fast today?3)I am very small and I have no money to invest but I want to earn one hundred dollars a month.4)Online part-time jobs from what how can I make money on the side by side of my college?**

I want to suggest a really authentic business idea that can earn money from the internet staying at home is that by the dropshipping model. If any teenager is currently reading this article I am giving you the advice to read the entire article thoroughly.

## Make money through the active way vs the passive way online

If you consider active money-making business ideas, many people start to entrepreneurship through different types of business like those who have the Management Degree start HR firm, Job placement firm.

People having CA, CS Degree start audit firms, law firms, and those who have the core knowledge of Information Technology become IT Entrepreneurs.

A few people search in google different types of remote jobs available on [Amazon](, online modeling jobs, online psychology teaching jobs, part-time digital marketing jobs, online Spanish tutor jobs etc.etc.

People who don’t have the experience of any technical field start to adopt the dealership of third party companies, Starts garments shop, grocery shop, Imitation jewelry shop, Mobile & DTH Recharge selling point, etc.

But to acquire this dream a middle to huge investment needs at every turn and for this sake, many of us turn our head around from this concept.

But today’s generation is too advanced, they always try to find shortcuts and simple solutions to any problem so here also they sorted out solutions to this problem.

With the help of a digitalized platform without stepping outside from your home, you could make money with the help of a computer and an internet connection.

The main focus of us not to invest hugely.

There are some businesses like to be a Youtuber, If you want to know how to earn money from youtube then go through this [link & read this entire article.](

Blogging is another good platform to generate income with a nominal investment where you can earn a huge income if you have the potentiality to express ideas in writing.

[Make money through the active way vs the passive way online 2020](

[Read the entire articles here:-](


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