Amazon products price ticker

I just finished prototyping a ticker for Amazon products. The ticker “ticks” every time a product changes its price.

In the image you can see the (authenticated) request to 3 different WebSocket endpoints:

Clickbank Promo Tools

– On the left: ticker for the Italy region only
– On the center: the general ticker, without any filter for the region (I’m testing with a single region, but it’s possible to support almost all the Amazon stores)
– On the right: a ticker only for a single product in the region IT

There’s no need to be an Amazon affiliate for using this service – although you can’t choose the product to track.

A service like this opens opportunities for market arbitrage (over different regions), building services on top of it – like generating affiliate links when a deal is found, and much more 🙂

Want to become a beta-tester?

If yes, drop me a line and as soon as I have a beta version I’ll get back to you.

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