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Hey everyone, we’re currently working on project: []( It’s a platform that lets users create collections using amazon and non-amazon products. The purpose of the platform is so that the users can follow someones collections, discover products, see what everyone is shopping for or simply plan on what they want to purchase in the future. Our platform is completely free to everyone.

We’re also actively looking for partners who advertise using amazon associates. Our partnership program allows content creators, streamers, influencers and/or communities to earn commission through amazon associates. Our partners receive 100% of the referral fees, without paying us a penny. It’s pretty simple, you drive traffic to our site, helping us organically grow, and in return we place your amazon affiliate tag on all of your collections and help you with user experience and affiliate linking.

So when you do advertise your amazon products, don’t just advertise using single products, use our collections. It’s one short link that redirect to a collection of products with images, names and prices so that your users can choose better on what they want to purchase.

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We’re still in beta production and planning on launching the stable version in September. The new version will have a brand new frontend as well as chrome/firefox extensions that lets the users add to collection, sort items and add-to-cart products from any amazon page. This way the users don’t have 100 items in their “Saved for Later” nor do they have to navigate away from their cart to an amazon wishlist.

If you’re interested in working/partnering with us, please let me know.

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