Hey guys…I am just a rookie on Reddit [initially got here to sort out some of my video editing glitches, and later stayed haha]. I am finding the platform different [more real]. I found some help here. I always believe in helping as much as I can. This is not a post about my story, but just so you have an idea, I had been a POD designer/seller for the last 7 years. I am not a get rich quick kinda guy, so if you are, you possibly won’t find my post helpful.

If you are in my kinda current situation, where investing/spending on ANY AD CHANNEL/PLATFORM is highly impossible, what can you do? And the first thing you gotta do is learn to be Persistent and Consistent. If giving up is NOT an option for you [just like me], then you are doing absolutely good. However any masterclass or guru or even a course you enroll would suggest, that is only so much you can do. Remember your Mindset will always keep your Mind Set, so have it in a good shape. Breathe.

I used to have my own brands and stores [another story], currently, I am just working Freelancing and uploading my designs that I have/create to various channels. It’s been a couple of weeks, no sales yet. But then, read my previous para once again. You can sell your PrintOnDemand [POD] to various channels. From t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, watches, totes, blankets, stickers, digital art, canvas, bottles, wine glasses, coasters….about more than 200 products or more even literally. Every platform is a bit different, some are better. I only choose platforms where I do not have to spend a single dime as investment/expense. Because I am starting from a clear $0.

Clickbank Promo Tools

Some of the good platforms are:


* SunFrog
* RedBubble
* BlueCotton
* Zazzle
* DesignByHumans [portfolio first]
* TeePublic
* TeeSpring
* Printful
* SpreadShirt
* CafePress
* SellMyTees
* SpreadShop
* Bonfire
* Threadless
* PrintShop
* Society6
* TextualTees
* Etsy [with invitation code, get free]
* MerchByAmazon [invitation only]
* TeeFury
* Printify
* LogoSportswear
* GearBubble
* PrintAllOverMe [PAOM]
* Neatoshop
* Tostadora
* TheTShirtMill
* CustomCat

The list is not ordered in any way, it is just a general list with names that just popped out of my head. There are more, but my advice is to stick to 1-4 for the start and see how it goes. Finally, if you get a few sales, stick to that platform more. Simply because some work for some, and some for none. Absolute next question might be that I don’t design so how/where do I start? And I’ll tell you that you do not have to be a designer or even pay a freelancer [although learning yourself consecutively will always be a good idea, or to hire a freelancer for the start IF you got some gold to spend, but then I would not IF I am starting at ZERO].

PS: I am not selling anything here. It is a piece of totally free information I am giving, will give. But later on, if you DO want to hire me for some work which might/cannot be free in nature, you will have to talk to me.

PPS: I tried to make it as short as I could haha. I’m sorry!

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