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Hey all!

Just wanted to share an easy way to make money from affiliate marketing with Clickbank & WarriorPlus.

Clickbank Promo Tools

So first thing is to go and grab a high converting offer from Clickbank or WarriorPlus and you can do this with any platform, in my case i used Commission Drill on WarriorPlus

After i got my affiliate link, i went to search for a good making money online article to copy and modify a little bit, i found this article (How I Have Been Able To Make Up To $1,000 Per Day on ClickBank) . Just try to find something that’s helpful and informative.

I copied the article into my own website/page and i created the page on [SITE123](, it’s very easy to use and you get a (.com) domain with the smallest plan, and i do recommend getting a .com domain to look more professional ([CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP]( ([non ref](

After i created the page and copied the article into it I’ve embedded my commission drill affiliate link as a recommendation at the end of the article.

When they read the useful information you’ve given, they’ll be ready to consider your recommendation. Then they check the recommendation and they’ll be redirected to the sales page
and when they purchase, i get my commission.

Now you’re all set. You’ve got the product and you copied a good useful article and embedded your affiliate link at the end.
So Now I’ll Explain How You Can Get Traffic To the Page

I used [Udimi]( It’s the no.1 solo ads platform and the place where big marketers send your email to their large email list of targeted people interested in making money online.

([CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP]( ([non ref](

After you’ve found a good ads seller, write a good email and place the order. Then you will get clicks
from targeted buyers to your article. You only pay for clicks on udimi (they must open the email and click on the link)

I wrote the email and attached the article link and i ordered 500 clicks from one seller and 1000 clicks from another seller. So total 1500 clicks for total $1,470 (you can start low for $50 or $100) .

I ended up with around $4,600 in 5 days, I then got back on udimi and ordered another 500 clicks ($287) and made another $2,800 from sales and upsells**,** 322 sales made and 63 upsells. So I spent ($1,757) on udimi and made ($7,454)
Profit = $5,697

Hope this helps everyone make some money!

Good luck!

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