Affiliate Marketing boot camp coming soon

Currently, I am working on an Affiliate boot camp, it’s been almost 3 years since I started working in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is great when you’re broke or need money or in debt and ofc fix financial problems.

If you learn and join the right affiliate program, you can create a lot of success on both platforms both paid and free traffic.

Clickbank Promo Tools

I know at the begging it’s always the hardest, but once you gain momentum its none stop towards the top.

This summer 2020 I was expecting to finally start my own business, start an online store and physical stores, and use affiliate marketing income to finance my business.

Due to the COVID-19, I was forced to delay my plans, at least to 2021.

So in September 2021, I am starting an Affiliate boot camp on My YouTube Channels (Mkaed)

8 Videos until now

· Why I am quitting affiliate marketing

· 3rd world affiliate – how hard was it

· 3 tips to double your sales

· ———–(Top secret)

· My google Marketing strategy

· My Instagram Marketing strategy

· TikTok Marketing Strategy

· Mile Stone Complete, what’s next?

But after that I won’t make how to make money online videos, I don’t want to be just another guy making videos on how to make money online.

Let know if you want me to include more videos in this boot camp

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