Advice for Buying an Apartment Complex

Hi there,

I am inspired by the apartment complex that the transgender advocacy organization GLITS just helped purchase. Their goal is to have a black transgender run apartment complex specifically so that transgender people in the Queens area can have an opportunity to find housing without facing the hurdles of housing discrimination.

That being said, I would love to create a similar project where I live. However, I know very little about purchasing apartments and how I would even get started looking into this.

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So, I am wondering: For those of you out there who have purchased, own, or rent apartment complexes, how did you do it? What websites/agencies did find the apartment that you purchased through? Who would you recommend a noob like me to go to for advice for me to help achieve this goal? Would it make more sense to try to work with someone already in the real estate world to try to guide the process, or is it possible to do this on my own with other people (real estate noobs) who are invested in the project?

Thanks! Any help and perspective would be so great!

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