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Hi all! First time poster. I have an Instagram account with around 30k followers. It is growing consistently and my reel views are 10k-600k on average but sometimes go higher. It’s in the wealth motivation niche and I only post motivational reels. I’m hoping to use my Insta page to get into affiliate marketing and I am considering doing BuilderAll as my ‘product.’

Would this make sense? I have tried finding information/insight online but just about everything is marketing for someone else’s affiliate program! I’m really struggling to find an honest answer on if this is a good product to advertise on Instagram.

And if a different ‘product’ would be better for me, I’m all ears.

Clickbank Promo Tools

Here is some context, if it’s helpful: As is common on Instagram, most people watching my reels are not followers, although some do follow after seeing me in their timeline. And around 30-35 percent of my reel viewers live in India. Around 12 percent live in the USA. My top age ranges are 25-34 and then 18-24. And my reel viewers are around 78 percent men and 22 percent women.

Any/all advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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